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When was the last time you laughed with your child?
When did you last go to the park without a meltdown?
Are you afraid to socialize?

In Bryan Post's compassion for parents and children, he offers hope and solutions for the challenges families face. Many parents express their fear not only for their child’s present behaviors, but for what will become of them in the future. Bryan’s straightforward, clear-cut approach has created peace and healing for hundreds of families; families who once operated in fear are now experiencing love.

For those parents of adopted children, Bryan discusses the challenges parents face when dealing with behaviors that are often present for difficult children. He helps parents understand the impact of early life trauma and the impact of interruptions in the attachment process.

Bryan's lastest book From Fear To Love Can Help You Parent Your Difficult Child -

  • Get to the bottom of the behavior, beneath the surface, and address the source of the behavior
  • Reduce lying by 50% in just two weeks with his simple formula
  • Understand how your child's aggressive behavior is directly connected to his level of stress
  • Help your child's oxytocin response in order to promote healthy attachment

Don't miss this opportunity to restore peace to your family and home!

This valuable book contains Bryan’s secrets and tips to working with your child to improve their behavior and their reactions to everyday events. Buy now!

About Bryan Post

B. Bryan Post is one of America's Foremost Child Behavior Experts. Founder and CEO of the Post Institute for Family-Centered Therapy based in Virginia Beach, VA. The Post Institute specializes in working with adults, children and families who struggle with issues related to early life trauma and the impact of trauma on the development of the mind body system. A renowned clinician, lecturer, and author of several books, video, and audio programs, Bryan has traveled throughout the world providing expert treatment and consultation to a variety of groups. An internationally recognized specialist in the treatment of emotional and behavioral disturbance in adults, children and families, he specializes in a holistic family-based treatment approach that addresses the underlying interactive dynamics of the entire family, a neurophysiologic process he refers to as, "The secret life of the family." Post contends that these same dynamics become obvious and are visibly apparent in every relationship.

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