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The Great Behavior Breakdown


by Bryan Post
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Bryan addresses: Lying, Stealing, Self-Mutilation, Aggression, Defiance, Chores, Mealtimes, Hoarding/Gorging, Bedtime, Bath time, Brushing Teeth, Public Humiliation of Parents, Chattering, Clinging, Whining, No Eye Contact, No Touching, Too Much Touching, Poor Social Skills, No Conscience, Learning Difficulties and Sexualized Behaviors including Masturbation, Perpetration and Pet Perversion.

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“This book takes the foundation of attachment theory and brings it alive in the face of the most challenging behaviors that parents may face when parenting children with early attachment disruption histories. Rather than focusing on behaviors, Post goes into the very root of the cause and gives parents simple and concise guidance on how to respond in a manner that will help re-establish secure attachment where it may once have been lost.”  - Sir Richard Bowlby

Start understanding the causes and steps necessary to help end, once and for all, some of the most difficult behaviors your child exhibits today.

Lying, stealing, defiance, incessant chatter…presented here are 27 of the most serious, problematic and challenging behaviors that parents face and step-by-step guidance from one of America’s foremost child behavior experts on how to deal with them. Also available as a 13-disc audio series.

“This book will teach you about your own stress reactions, and how you can respond more effectively to your children from your own inner strength with compassionate understanding rather than reacting out of your fear.” -Myla Kabat-Zinn, co-author of Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting.

The Great Behavior Breakdown is already receiving rave reviews! Get started ending your stressful days with your child tonight!

“My fourteen year old son lies non-stop about the most ridiculous things. Even when I know point blank that he is lying, he still does it. What can I do?”

“My nine year old daughter is physically aggressive—kicking, screaming, hitting, and spitting. It seems completely unprovoked. Can you help me?”

“My child is defiant. He says ‘no’ to every request I make. How can I get him to do as I ask the first time, or tat least the second time, without a creaming fight?”

“My daughter gets up in the middle of the night, eats massive amounts of sugar, and then takes food and hides it under her mattress. We have never deprived or neglected her. Can you tell us whey she does this and how to stop it?”

“I cannot take my child into the grocery store. He steals and runs around like he is crazy. How to you explain this and what can be done to stop it?”

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