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5.0 out of 5 stars Parenting Must-have, September 13, 2010
By Literary Litter (Warsaw, IN USA)

"... the best parenting handbook I've seen for someone with a child that has difficult behaviors...""Honestly, it's the best parenting handbook I've seen for someone with a child that has difficult behaviors... Even if you aren't into reading, this book is a must have. Each chapter has a section over-viewing the key concepts of that chapter. If you just go through and read those key concepts, you'll gain a new understanding of your relationship with your child. If you are thinking of adopting a child, please read this book. If you have adopted a child, please read this book. If you yourself have been adopted, please read this book. If you're a parent and have nothing to do with adoption in any manner, please read this book." Continue reading this review of From Fear To Love

Bryan Post speaks to parents about the challenges they face when dealing with behaviors that are often present for adopted children. He helps parents understand the impact of early life trauma and the impact of interruptions in the attachment process. In his compassion for parents and children, he offers hope and solutions for the challenges families face. Many parents of adopted children express their fear not only for their child's present behaviors, but for what will become of them in the future. Bryan's straightforward, clear-cut approach has created peace and healing for hundreds of families; families who once operated in fear are now experiencing love.

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About this ground-breaking book about parenting difficult adopted children

From Fear To Love is a remarkably compelling, practical, and much-needed book that should be read by all adoptive families.
— Rhonda M. Roorda, Adoptee and Coauthor of the Landmark Trilogy on Transracial Adoption - In Their Own Voices, In Their Parents' Voices
This is a life changing book that will give hope to so many families. It takes away so much of the guilt and profound sense of failure that seems to sadly be part of many families involved in adoption. For me, the sentence that jumps out is: "until a child reaches his or her late 20's there is still great opportunity for healing and change to occur".
— Jean Belton, UK
This should be standard equipment that comes with every adopted child! Post has successfully translated neuroscience into language that anyone can understand and apply to the very challenging tasks of parenting an adopted child.
— Aletha McArthur, OCT, Founder of New Growth Family Centre, Ontario, Canada
I just read your new book. I currently supervise foster care and adoption and we are just starting to use love based parenting in training our resource parents. This book will be a great training tool for our families.
— Patti Menow, Quakertown, PA
Bryan Post's new book From Fear to Love is an exceptional resource for all parents, not just adoptive parents. The information in this book provides a framework for understanding how to parent children from a place of love instead of fear, how to recognize that when children exhibit negative behaviors they are communicating a need, and how parents can be the catalyst for change in the home.
— Kelly James, LPC Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

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