Failure is an Important Part of Succeeding


Failure is an important part of succeeding. It is what the basis of experience is all about. Frequently, we get in a rush to avoid failure, or punish it.  When we remember that the definition of discipline is to teach, we are able to see failure as an opportunity to teach from the heart.

Nobody is perfect. The moment you can realize that, you can begin to cease holding such strict judgment over yourself and others. Failure is an important part of succeeding, and is actually good for two reasons. One, it gives you a chance to learn from your mistake and two, it gives you an opportunity to learn and teach apologizing. Many children don’t know how to apologize because they grew up in homes where the parents never apologized. Therefore when we fail to be patient or understanding, whatever the case may be, it’s an excellent opportunity to both learn and teach a powerful lesson. We may often learn more from failing that from succeeding so let’s not overlook those moments that occur. You will fail. You will succeed.

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