Welcome to the Parenting Inner Circle

This is the place where parents and professionals invested in the lives of children who have experienced pre-birth and early life trauma come to find education, proven effective solutions, support, and understanding.

The Parenting Inner Circle membership hosts a monthly podcast on topics relevant to understanding the effects of trauma, specific behaviors that are common for children who have experienced trauma and solutions to help reduce these behaviors, and support for parents and professionals in understanding how to manage secondary trauma.

Each month a different topic is presented.

Example of Topics:

  • Understanding the impact of pre-birth and early life trauma on brain development and behavior
  • Sexualized Behavior in Children
  • Self care for secondary trauma
  • Parenting the Highly Defended Child
  • What You Focus on Grows, How Our Thoughts Influnce Our Actions

Basic Membership – $14.95 per month includes receiving an MP3 recording sent via email for their personal library

Exclusive Membership – $72.95 per month includes the monthly podcast and monthly personal coaching

Who is Kristi Saul and What is the Parenting Inner Circle:Kristi Saul is the cofounder of The Post Institute.  She has been behind the scenes of every aspect of sharing the work of Bryan Post and the message of love based family centered regulatory parenting and therapy.  Kristi holds a master’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and has served families who have experienced generational wounds of trauma for over 30 years.  Kristi has been surrounded by adoption her entire life, her mother is an adoptee, her cousins are adoptees, her in-laws were adoptees, and she is an adoptive mother.  Kristi also serves as the head parenting coach for the Post Institute as well as the leader of The Parenting Inner Circle.  The Parenting Inner Circle provides education and support to parents and professionals invested in the lives of children who have experienced foundational insults in pre-birth and early life.

~Kristi Saul

Parenting Inner Circle