From Fear to Love

From Fear to Love 

Book Study

New Session Starting May 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm CST

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6  Weeks of professionally led learning and support via video conference

Introducing our new From Fear to Love Book Study group.  Anytime we are learning something new it’s important to have a chance to talk about what we are learning.  It is help to process our thoughts and feelings about the information that is being considered.

If you are thinking of private coaching, this is an excellent place to start.

Parenting is one our most important jobs.

From Fear to Love is a simply written book that help guide parents in understanding the impact of trauma and how to help children heal.

A foundational belief of The Post Institute is that the greatest healing takes place in day to day relationships.  For wounded children these relationships can also be the most challenging.  The From Fear to Love Book Study is a great way to get your footing on the path of leading your family on the healing journey.

  • Meet fellow parents, gain incredible education and insight, get personal feedback regarding the challenging situations
  • This is a cost effective way to dig deeper into trauma informed caregiving and parenting children who have experienced trauma
  • Each person who registers receives a free copy of the ebook From Fear to Love
  • Each session is recorded and you will have time to download the link from the session for your personal library
  • Each group is limited to 10 registrations per session to insure personal attention
  • Sessions will be held via Zoom video conference


From Fear to Love Book Study

⇒ Register Today

⇒ Each Session Limited to 10 Attendees

⇒ Each Session Lasts for 6 Weeks

⇒ Each registrant receives and audio and ebook of “From Fear to Love”

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Registration for From Fear to Love Book Study beginning May 12th at 7:00 pm CST


Learn More About Your Book Study Leader

Kelli Belt, Adoptive Mom and Post Institute Parent Trainer

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What Parents Just Like You Say About From Fear to Love Book Study…

“It was refreshing and helpful to learn and grow with other parents.  Kristi’s leadership was incredible.  Her professional training and her experience in parenting children with traumatic backgrounds made her more effective than just about any therapy or learning experiences I’ve had in over 12 years.  She helped us identify root issues that our therapist had not even considered.  We cracked the code for eliminating rages in week 4 and have continued to grow in connection. Thank you, Post Institute, for all that you do.” – D. and L. Kelly, Adoptive Parents

“I’ve been to every training my agency offers, but this was by far the most helpful.  My teenage son has been in and out of treatment centers, in therapy, prescribed medications and still fears me.  The 6 week From Fear to Love Book study was so helpful.  I now understand the root challenges and what I need to do to create the connection we need.  I was able to talk about things that I rarely talk about and felt understood and supported.  It felt like she was able to look into our life and see the key that I had missed.  I was able to put suggestions into action immediately, the results felt like a miracle.” – J. Jordan, Adoptive Mother

“We recently adopted two children and have been struggling with the intense needs presented.  Kristi helped us understand the needs.  She gave specific suggestions for specific situations and the results were incredible.  Tantrums, back talk, sibling rivalry have all reduced to being almost nonexistent.” – H. and R. Simpson, Adoptive Parents

“I felt like my son hated me.  I felt like he didn’t want to be in our family.  I knew with 4 boys it might get a little rough sometimes, but one of my son’s really struggled.  His grades were fine, but at home he was refusing to eat, refusing to follow instructions, refusing to get of video games, and always fighting with his brothers.  I had tried consequences, rewards, yelling, grounding, everything I could think of.  It felt like everything I was doing was making a canyon between us.  Kristi helped me find a way to bridge the gap with my son and from that connection we have built a relationship.  It took me working on me first, but it was actually a joy, and well worth it.  Thank you Kristi, for all that you poured into us.” V. Rutherford, Mom



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