At Post Institute, we utilize a unique scientifically validated love based Family-Centered approach for helping children with challenging behaviors. Abnormal behaviors occur when you don’t understand a child. When you truly understand your child, their behaviors are no longer abnormal but can be seen a both normal and expected and to some extent, predictable, no matter how severe or disturbing. 

Has your child has experienced:
*Domestic Violence
*Sexual Abuse
*Death of a significant other
*Medical Trauma

We encourage you to reach out.  

The impact of pre-birth and early life trauma creates changes in the brain that are significant.  The impact of these events is often the starting point for future life challenges.  

Healing from these wounds is possible.
There is hope, there is help!

The Post Institute is proud to offer a variety of services and support

Parenting Inner Circle

Membership program featuring monthly podcasts to support parents and professionals in integrating trauma informed care in their families.  Each month a different topic is presented.

Multiple plans to choose from that meet your individual needs.

Join the Inner Circle and get the support you need.

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching with Kristi Saul, MEd.,co-founder of The Post Institute. 

Personal coaching takes place via telephone, video conferencing and email.  Coaching sessions take place with scheduled times as well as availability to established clients during crisis situations.  Coaching package discounts are available.

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Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is provided via video conference and telephone.  Small group coaching is limited to 10 families per group. 

This is a great way to receive specific education and support related to your families specific situation, and connect with other parents in similar situations for support and encouragement.

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Book Study

Group book study for From Fear to Love.  Join Us as we go through From Fear to Love in group book study.  It’s a great way to read and discuss the book and how it applies in day-to-day life.  This one book has been used by countless parents, professionals, and agencies to gain understanding in the unique needs of children who have experienced pre-birth and early life trauma.

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