Small group coaching

Takes place via video conferencing

Groups run for 6 weeks 
cost $225

Small group coaching is a therapeutic process, but is not therapy.  It is a great way to gain education and support for specific issues your family is facing. It is also a great way to meet other parents that you can continue to be in contact with.  The road to parenting children who have experienced trauma can be lonely at times.  Small Groups give us a chance to connect, learn together, support one another and fill our parenting cup.  

Small group coaching sessions are limited to 10 attendees 

Specific scheduling is dependent upon the group needs.

Groups are formed based on the expressed needs of parents and professionals involved in the Post Network.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out what groups are being formed, and to share your needs.

Groups that are frequently held include:

  • Parenting the Defended, Argumenative Child
  • Sexualized Behavior in Children
  • Parenting Teens and Young Adults
  • Dad’s Talking with Dad’s
  • Strategies for School Success



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