Welcome to the Post Institute, a place where parents and professionals involved in the lives of our most vulnerable and challenging children come to find proven effective solutions, education, and support.

With over 20 years of experience with proven effective outcomes The Post Institute offers educational materials and supportive services to help parents lead their families on a journey of healing the wounds of complex trauma.

The Post Institute is one of the first to develop trauma informed education, and specific strategies for parents.

It is a cornerstone belief that the greatest challenges occur in day to day life outside of the therapy session.  It is no coincidence that the greatest healing occurs in day to day life as well.

Does your child struggle with these behaviors?

* Lying
* Stealing
* Defiance
* Aggression
* Melt Downs
* Antagonizing
* Anxiety
* Social Challenges Enuresis/Encapresis

* Drug Addiction
* Depression
* Isolation
* Eating Disorders
* Hoarding
* Sexualized Behaviors
* Self Harm
* Harm to Others
* Attachment Disorder

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    A results driven therapeutic and educational service for families whose children have experienced:
    Abuse | Neglect | Divorce | Death | Medical Trauma | Natural Disaster

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