What People Are Saying about us

I truly believe that without what I learned from you, I would never had made it through the hell and into relationship with my son. None of it was easy, but the support and teaching that you all offered was a God-send.

D. Rumsey / Parent

 I will always remember how you would email me strategies in the midst of our hardest times. You always gave more than I ever could have asked for, you gave thorough, sound suggestion, and best of all they worked!  Thank you for being so generous in supporting us.

S. Nardoni / Parent

I am so glad we made the decision to invest in the coaching package for my agencies foster parents. It has been a salvation.

I know when a family is struggling they can reach out and have support and proven effective parenting stratgies. You have helped us preserve placement for some of our toughest kiddo’s

K. Hankin / Foster Placement Agency Director

Kristi, it is great to have you as a life line in working with children who come from tough places.  Your insights are on point. thank for making your knowledge and experience available.

Z Gromm / Therapist

Thank you PTC for being one of the few who really GETS it.  Healing deep wounds is a lifetime  process.


PTC is the only place we’ve found that really understands medical trauma.  You’ve been our life line


The divorce was hard on all of us. PTC was a rock in the storm.


PTC taught us an understanding that applies to all relationships. It was a change worth making.


My adopted daughter and I are forever grateful for PTC.  We wouldn’t have made it without you.


You came and spoke in Twin the last two days. You’re great! I’m a mom working at getting my kids home and your lesson was invaluable. Thank you so much!

J. Lee / Parent

I love Bryan Post and the Post Institute. They are a wealth of knowledge and support.Their materials have been a great help!

J. Markwith / Parent

The absolute best online support for parents raising children in the spirit of love and accountability.

D. Moksiewicz / Parent

When Bryan came to Yreka,
I didn’t know exactly how powerful his seminar would be! He opened doors to motherhood I never realized existed! Such powerful learning techniques to be used in a classroom of all ages, & in parenting! I kept my folder with all his slides and notes & continually look over them!

H. Howell / Parent

This web site is a great one – it has helped me so much and in so many ways to understand more about “me” so I can better understand how to help and care for others! Basically, it’s helping me to help myself to help those in my home and family. A big wow! Try it for yourself and see!

M. Zultowski / Parent

Great resource for family’s with adopted children.

J. Gallegos / Parent

Dear Bryan, I just wanted to thank you for coming this week. I feel for the first time in 4 years that the school finally understands my daughter’s situation. Your visit with the school made such a difference. We look forward to working with our daughter in dealing with the trauma experienced.  Since you began consulting with us, we feel empowered to make a difference in helping our daughter heal.

L.R. - Texas / Parent

Dear Bryan, I thought to myself “What title should I give to you?”  You are the “Last Therapist”, the greatest honor you can have in someone’s life.  After work with you, I am able to continue on my own.  I was running out of fingers and toes in counting the therapist I had seen in my lifetime. When you introduce yourself you need to say “I’m Bryan Post, your Last Therapist”.

N.T. - Oklahoma / Parent

We moved to another state and continued to have problems with my daughter. We went to a psychologist for a period of a couple of months but the school year ended before we realized any results. The next school year started and things seem to go a little better until a few weeks before her teacher Read More…

R.L. - Texas / Parent

Dear Bryan, I just wanted to send you a brief message expressing my thanks and appreciation for the workshop that you presented, in Baton Rouge, on yesterday.  It was very informative, refreshing and so enlightening to have a different viewpoint to process on human behavior Read More…

R.T. - Lousiana

Dear Bryan, Getting the experience I want here locally is going to be a challenge.  There simply isn’t anyone doing good sound attachment work.  And besides, I have so much admiration for your work and the Stress Model Read More…

H.F. - Orlando

Dear Bryan, It has been some time since I attended your conference in Indianapolis with my sister but I wanted to take the time to thank you for your work!  I am currently writing my Master’s Thesis on RAD and the spiritual gifts inherent in the disorder and I am using your work   Read More…


Recently I had a book recommended to me that was written a long time ago but describes our (my) journey to understanding what we all go through and the kind of healing that can be ours when we understand. “Hinds Feet On High Places” by Hannah Hurnard it is a story about  Read More…

M.S. - Connecticut
I haven’t had a chance to read all of the book but what I have read, I really like. These are the feelings that came to mind when reading the book: you challenge us to parent from a place of awareness; for parents to be awake and present Read More…
N.T. - Texas

In a word, it was quite literally desperation. Our family is composed of two birth children ages 6 and 9 and two adopted children ages 10 and 12.  Our adopted children are siblings and came to us at ages 5 and 6, although they came to us almost three years apart.  Read More…

Bill & Ronda - California / Parent

I supervise several therapists; they are using your family therapy model and find it works; I eagerly look forward to family therapy sessions, I finally have something to offer them that is effective.

Nancy Webb