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Trauma Informed Certification For Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Nurses,  Social Workers, Child Care Workers, And Parents

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Trauma Informed Care Certification 

with Child Trauma Expert Bryan Post

  • 4 Modules of Training split into 2 hour sessions.

  • ​Accessible from mobile devices.

  • Submit your quizzes and receive your certificate through email.

  • Expect to gain life changing knowledge about trauma and  proven effective support and solutions to help traumatized children.

Trauma informed certified means more than acknowledging that trauma has occurred.  We have to understand how trauma affects the mind body system; how trauma affects behavior, and how we as teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, social workers, therapists, child care workers and parents can help heal the wounds of trauma.

Train With The Expert

There was a time that I was called a rebel in my profession for speaking up for the needs of children.  I was an outcast for advocating for relationship and adjustments to the environment in place of punishment, and consequences and rewards for managing behavior.  Unlike many experts, I believed in a different way so much that I put it to the test by opening group homes, therapeutic foster homes, and a therapeutic school all serving children who had been deemed by others to be “beyond help”.   What I teach has been field tested, and proven effective.

I realize that children who have experienced trauma will likely by part of the 5% of students who take up 75% of the attention in classroom management.

I also realize that punishment and consequences will lead to these children eventually dropping out of school, and not experiencing the academic and social success that we as a society hope for.

Isn’t it time to do something different?

See you in the training,
Bryan Post

  • Learn How Trauma Impacts Brain Development and Behavior

  • Gain a deeper level of understanding of how to reach the heart of children who have been deemed unreachable

  • Learn simple, field tested, proven effective ways to help high ACE’s*  children succeed. (*adverse childhood experiences, Dr. Nadine Burk)

“…Bryan, you blew my mind!”

Bryan, Your training was incredible.  Honestly, I expected to be bored, and I expected to not hear anything new. But you out did yourself.  This was one of the best trainings I have ever received. You blew my mind.  The training was engaging, passionate, in depth, and most importantly applicable.  I had only a surface understanding of the impact of trauma.  I am grateful for this training.  I am already seeing a shift in myself and my family.  I know this will be invaluable for my students.

Bill / Middle School Teacher

“…My classroom went from a war room to a haven!”

Bryan, my heart has always been in teaching.  I came in excited about helping children fall in love with learning.  In my first three years I nearly decided to quit.  I felt like a failure, and I found myself getting on the same blame wagon that I had promised against.  It was tough feeling all the pressure.  You helped me see an entirely different way of relating to my students.  My classroom went from a war room to a haven. This model has helped not just with the 5% but with my entire classroom. Thank you doesn’t cover it

Michelle / Elementary Teacher

“…Thank you for teaching us a different way!”

I am so thankful for this training. We provide child care for children from newborn to age 10. We have so many children who come from tough places. After this training I restructured the training manual for our staff and implemented policy changes to help our organization meet the needs of these children that so many have given up on. The results have been amazing. We are seeing the positive effects as these children develop and grow. No more being kicked out of daycare for my organization! Thank you for teaching us a different way.

Helen / Daycare Owner

Don’t let another school year go by feeling frustrated with how to help the children who need your support the most.  

How it Works:

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