Be the Person You Want Them to Be

Be the Person You Want Them to Be

– By Bryan Post and David Durovy

July 1st, 2019 / Read Time: 1 Min. 28 sec.

We must remember to take, make, and create the time to love, nurture, and train our most precious resource. We all know this.

The problem is when we are so often in a state of survival, we don’t see our children as a treasured resource. We see them as a threat to our own survival.

This is why so many parents oppress their children. These parents are living in a state of stress so great, so overwhelming, with so little support that they are in dire survival.

This is the root of mental illness.

In this state, a child is no longer a precious resource and a human being, but a liability, a threat, a burden. When we are in a state of regulation,

we know that our children are worth all the love we can give them, and will one day take care of us, nurture us, be there for us.

This is not meant as transactional. We don’t do this to get a return. We do this to make the world a better place for all of us.

Children are indeed our most treasured resource. It is sad that we fail to realize this because we live in so much stress.

Our job is not to fix them, but to love them. To do this, we may need to remove all the barriers and obstacles we carry within us

that keep us from providing that love, nurturing, and training they need.

Your own personal transformation is the change you desire to help your children the most. This is the pearl of great price and the

most immeasurable gift you can give your children.

As a therapist cannot take their client where they have not gone, so it is with us.

We cannot take our children where we have not gone.

You cannot push a string. But you can pull it forward. Be the person that you most want your children to

grow to be and watch where that takes you.

Practice this daily.

Plan it.

Do it.

Review it.

Learn from it.

Revise it.

Practice it.


We may never get “there.” But we all can have one heaven of a good time going “there.”

Breathe. Slow down. Choose Love.

– David Durovy

David Durovy was the director of The Post Institute for 10 years. He now writes articles for it. He is the founder and Director of The LoveMore Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people move toward becoming “more fully human” enlarging their capacity to love more. Learn more at The LoveMore Institute, read The LoveMore Blog or contact David here.