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Empathy: The Road to Healing

Empathy by Bryan Post and David Durovy January 13, 2020 / Read Time: 2 Min. 33 [...]

Dear Santa, Please Define Good

  Dear Santa, Please Define Good? by David and Susan Durovy December 17th, 2019 / Read [...]

Acceptance, Love, and Mystery in Parenting 

Acceptance, Love, and Mystery in Parenting  “The beginning of Love is to let those who [...]

Love is Letting Go of Fear

Love Is Letting Go of Fear We at the Post Institute decided to spend time [...]

Relationship Starts with Relating. So Does Learning.

“My child just doesn’t learn! What Can I Do?” If you are like me, you [...]

Let’s talk love

Love – a simple understanding Love is always a good topic of discussion. Everyone knows [...]

If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

If Mama Ain’t Happy… “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the [...]

The Attachment Dance Exercise

Any time you interact with anyone you care about — you do a subtle attachment [...]

The Birds and the Bees Revisited

In the abstract, at least, our mind/bodies are designed to live in a continuum of [...]

Want to Make Big Changes? Start Small

 It’s Easier and More Effective This remarkable book Switch: How to change things when change [...]