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How Do I Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work?

Q: A Parent Asks, How do I stop? Q: How do I stop doing the [...]

Little Known Ways to Love, Healing, Joy

Where do you find joy, peace, relaxation, love and healing? Specifically, which areas? What do [...]

Love Really Is Enough ‘IF’ We Know What Love Is

I once noticed a huge (two inches wide by three inches long) blistering sore on [...]

Neurophysiologic Feedback Loops: A Brain Scientist’s Explanation

I talk about these Neurophysiologic Feedback Loops as a way that entangles parent/child (and other [...]

Neurophysiologic Feedback Loops

The term neurophysiologic refers to both body and mind. We have body/mind feedback loops that [...]

How to Get Your Child to Do Anything

Well sorta almost anything. But let’s start with washing the car. So, I ask my [...]

IEP and The Law: Your 9 Parenting Rights for Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Most Important Parenting Legal Rights – Bryan Post and Jamette Pruett, Attorney You must know [...]

Teach First According to the Emotional Age

Ronnie is exceptional. He is gifted. We have yet to get an accurate reading of [...]

On Raising Teens

Parenting is difficult. Parenting a teen can be even more so. You have this young [...]

On Trusting

Learning to Trust I once wrote about my adopted son Kevin’s staying up all night [...]