How Do I Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work?


Q: A Parent Asks, How do I stop?

Q: How do I stop doing the things that do not help me or my child?

A: Stop doing that

Q: But how?

A: You stop doing that by stopping doing that.

Q: Could it really be that simple?.

A: It is that simple. If I were to pay you $1 million to stop doing that, whatever that is, do you think you could stop doing that? Or at the least, would you not pay much, much more attention to the issue and thereby make much quicker progress? Is your life and the life of your child not worth much more than that? It is all a matter of priority and perspective. Some things are more important than others. When we discover what we are making more important, and then evaluate if it is indeed more important, then we choose to make that change. That is why, when I say, choose love, although it appears simple, for so many of us it is so far in the background of our lives it almost appears as if impossible to live. Yet if we live as though we were being paid $1 million to choose love, I suspect the choice, the opportunity and the will to do so would be so much more accessible to us. So the real question is, is it important enough to stop? And if not, why not?