Neurophysiologic Feedback Loops: A Brain Scientist’s Explanation


I talk about these Neurophysiologic Feedback Loops as a way that entangles parent/child (and other adult interactions for that matter as well) interactions and caution parents to avoid these as “there is no cheese at the end of this tunnel”, and in fact often leads to further dissolution of relationship. They are obvious and easily recognizable once you are mindful and can identify them and they can easily be redirected toward a more peaceful resolution. To read an article I wrote and to listen to a short audio clip for further information, visit here.

Jill Bolte Taylor wrote an exciting treatise on her experience with a stroke that offered her a rare opportunity to see this event from a her exhaustive brain scientist’s vast experience of research on the brain. She has many examples of corollaries to what I teach and I will be sharing these with you. Especially valuable for those wanting to know more from of the science behind the psychology of what we teach.

“From a neurological standpoint, every time a circuit of neurons is stimulated, it takes less external stimulation for that particular circuit to run. As a result of this type ofBrain Scence by a Brain Scientist reverberating circuitry, our left hemisphere creates what is called ‘Loops of thought patterns’ that it uses to rapidly interpret large volumes of incoming stimulation with minimal attention and calculation.” – My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.