IEP and The Law: Your 9 Parenting Rights for Helping Your Child Succeed in School


Most Important Parenting Legal Rights – Bryan Post and Jamette Pruett, Attorney

You must know and take action for assuring your child has the best chance to succeed in school or home school. We have an excellent resource – IEP and The Law which features Attorney Jamette Pruett and I which provides lots of valuable information, tips, and specific Federal statutes that you can use.

Listen to this 7 minute audio which introduces these 9 Rights

Attorney Pruett makes special mention of these 9 Most Important Rights that you need to know and use:

  1. You have the right to have your child evaluated for special education needs for free
  2. You have the right to get your own evaluation if you desire
  3. You have the right to to request services for your child
  4. You have the right to participate in your child’s IEP process
  5. You have the right to to adequate notice
  6. You have the right to to have advocates speak for your child
  7. You have the right to to ensure that your child’s IEP is carried out
  8. You have the right to review all of your child’s school records
  9. You have the right to you have the right to know all the credentials of your child’s teachers and para-professionals

by  Attorney Jamette Pruett