What Age is Our Parenting Approach Geared To?


Parents sometime ask us about age for a love based parenting approach. Although your approach will differ based on the age of your child (emotional age is most important here), the love part is always that same. But even at that, love is not always easy to define or practice and requires some deeper thinking. Jesus said “love your enemies and do good to those who hate you”. Yikes! Talk about an out of the box approach … I wonder how many of us are ready for that kind of love?

Neither Age Nor Diagnosis Nor Adopted Nor Foster Nor Typical Nor….

Our program is set up to help all parents understand children’s development and behavior issues. This understanding is critical for children with trauma histories – adopted, foster and many diagnoses, but can be used for all children including typical children. This understanding is applicable toward all children of any age – yet is fundamentally essential for these “challenged” children. Many of us have children in the 21+ age group who are behind in their development and still need an unconditional love based approach – as we all do. In fact once understood and applied, this understanding helps with all relationships including work, extended family and friends. Age is not an issue other than the specific application needed at the emotional level and this needs to be monitored and adapted on a case by case basis. It really more of a “practice” leading to a change in lifestyle.

If you want proof, try the approach on your friends or co-workers or even your boss! You may be pleasantly surprised. I sure was. — David Durovy