Parents: Struggling to Love a Child Who is Defiant, Lying, or Stealing? You CAN Establish a Solid Relationship!


Struggling to Love a Child who is Defiant, Lying, or Stealing?

In my new book, From Fear to Love, you will find out–

  • How to get to the bottom of the behavior, beneath the surface, and address the source of the behavior
  • How to reduce lying by 50% in just two weeks with my simple formula
  • How your child’s aggressive behavior is directly connected to his level of stress
  • How you can help your child’s oxytocin response in order to promote healthy attachment

Watch the 2 minute video below for all the details about my book and how to get the free 30 minute training I’m offering that will give you information you can use today to help your attachment challenged or defiant child–even if you never read my book.