We Really Can Choose Love

We must remember to make the time to love, nurture, and train our most valuable resource. The problem is when we are in survival, we don’t see our children as a valuable resource. We see them as a threat to our own survival. Why do you think so many parents hurt, kill or abuse their children? It’s because such parents are living in a state of stress so great, so overwhelming, with so little support that they are in a state of total survival. This is the root of mental illness. In this state a child is no longer a valuable resource but a liability, a threat, a burden. When we are in a state of regulation we know that our children will one day take care of us, nurture us, and give back to us. It is true that children are our most valuable resource it is just sad that we fail to realize this because we choose to live in so much stress. I know it often does not feel like a choice. Our job as parents is to get to that place where we recognize that we do indeed have to power to choose – and implement the much needed interventions to help calm, regulate both ourselves and our children and bring back the love and harmony our families. Breathe. Slow down, Be Still. Choose Love. 

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