Become a Master Parent: Your Training Begins Now (Pt.6)


Become a Master Parent: Your Training Begins Now by Bryan Post (Pt.5)

You and I as Masters

The final truth as best I know it, we are all continually striving to be masters. Childhood is merely a training ground for the rest of life. We do not go into life, none of us, as masters. It takes the facing of constant challenges which continually bring us deeper and deeper into an understanding of ourselves.

I’ve said many times that our children are in fact our greatest teachers because many of us adults, as children, did not receive the greatest training toward mastery. This is not a stone being cast at your parents or mine, it is simply a reality. Our challenges to face and honor this reality only lead us into greater conflict because we deny that we still, in fact, need more training. When we struggle to face our own truth we live a life of half truth. Honestly it is very difficult to be a master because being a master implies naturally that you are not perfect. We don’t like to face that reality especially when it comes to raising our own children. Not a single one of us will say we are perfect but when it comes to our children we like to think we are which in turn leads them to believe they are imperfect. This is not the best way to teach our children about themselves.

Perfect-Parent-QuoteWe are all masters yet we are still students. Though I have been trained well by many masters I am still a student, learning, growing, trying to master myself. My childhood was not perfect, by no means, but it was good enough to get me to adulthood with half a brain for right and wrong. As I continue to mature in adulthood sometimes I still get lost in the ways of my amygdala and do not respond appropriately with my hypothalamus. Many times my thinking is confused and distorted and I run around like Chicken Little in fear screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” Slowly, I realize that it is not. It is just life and I am fully capable of creating my own reality. We are all capable of creating our own reality and in so doing, we teach our children how to create their own. However, if we spend our time trying to create our children’s reality then we convey to them unconsciously that they are incapable of creating their own. Since the ability to create ones reality is a natural process, they will fight against us in both big and small ways. If I have not yet mastered my own reality, do I really need to be focused on shaping your reality? All of the great masters essentially convey one message. There is one common denominator to the wise teachings from all of them and that is: All you need is love. They don’t say, “All you need to do is discipline your child, consequence your child, punish your child or even love your child.” None of them say that.

They simply say, “All you need is love. Love. Love. Love.” Because they know that love IS the ultimate Master.

Choose Love,
Chief Love Revolutionary