Become a Master Parent: Your Training Begins Now (Pt.5)


Become a Master Parent: Your Training Begins Now by Bryan Post (Pt.4)

Enter Wise Teacher #3

“We’re in trouble. Can you help us?” the couple asks the master teacher.

“I never cared for that word trouble,” he replies, “you mean you are in a phase of growth and need some guidance?”

“Oh that does feel better,” they smile.

“Now let’s breathe.” He instructs by taking a deep inhale.

This time the master teaching couple recognizes that they are in the process and it is challenging, yet they also see this as an identical process to the last time. Thankfully they still are sharing an oxytocin rich response to one another and therefore are able to think more clearly and process effectively. In their wisdom they realize that they too need more guidance and support. They seek out their master teacher.

The hypothalamus of the master is attuned to its partner the amygdala. It understands its rhythm and pace. The master pays more attention to his own internal dance than anything else that is present, because it is the attunement and awareness of his own dance which is reflected in the world. Yet the novice couple is not there yet, so they struggle. However the struggle is a part of the journey because it indicates that they are learning to prepare their hypothalamus to send out stronger oxytocin messengers then ever before. You see, in the world of the oxytocin masters there are no bad decisions and actions. All effort is directed toward a return to love and the oxytocin state. We are all striving to be loved and to share love. Everything is motivated towards this one common goal.

“Are you still embracing principle number three?” he ask

“Yes, it’s okay to step back, slow down, and give in, but don’t give up,” replies the mom.

“Ahhh, this is good. The ability to stay committed to principle number three will make this flow much easier,” stated the master.

Sitting with the master the couple was flooded with oxytocin messengers. They answered the call of the amygdala. You see, presence and loving support also makes oxytocin possible. Gentle eye contact, loving supportive words, touch, breathing, are all natural experiences which bring about oxytocin. Once the hypothalamus has learned oxytocin response it does not forget it, but sometimes it must be supported to trigger more than what it may currently be providing. Occasionally we all need support. Support triggers our oxytocin messengers into action by giving our hypothalamus a charge in the right direction.

Oxy-HeartThe master reminded the master teaching couple of principle number one, the most difficult principle. He helped them to look closer at their own fear, breathing into their amygdala based stories and replayed messages so they could gain greater clarity. He supported them deeper into the old stories and reminded them about honoring these old emotionally based replays so they could energetically shift the physics of the bodymind thereby retraining what the amygdala was interpreting. Master teachers understand that facing their own painful emotional replays and honoring them through secret breathing and focusing techniques can energetically lesson the intensity through which the amygdala reacts to the old perceived story which is after all, the real threat.

Finally after some time of sitting with the master, the couple was renewed to an even more heightened oxytocin response. As is most times necessary, to teach at a greater level we must expand our existing window of tolerance to allow more room for a greater presence of energy. The couple went back to their student and began their teaching again, this time with a renewed understanding.

His reactions were met by their response. In doing so they taught him slowly but steadily how to manage his own reactions. They taught him that his reactions were in fact replays of a time when his amygdala sent out messengers, who when not met sufficiently, were prompted to continue forth and save the world on their own. Over time, and not without frequent challenges, the student began to learn the ways of his masters. His ability to handle stressful situations increased. Finally when he reached adulthood, he too became a master.

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